The photographs on this site are all silhouettes of the human figure. They are double-exposures, created in the camera while shooting, Not composed on a computer using Photoshop. They were created using advanced lighting techniques at David’s photography studio in Davis Square, Somerville, MA. Limited edition signed prints are available through this website. David may also be commissioned for workplace installations and gallery showings. Please contact him through the “contact” button on the menu at the top of this page for further information.

David Barnes has worked as a photographic artist since 2000, focusing on increasingly abstract images of the human form. His early black-and-white works for film printed on fiber were centered around the contrast between the live nude form and the urban decay of his shooting locations including underground steam tunnels, all old New England basements and outdoor ruins.

In 2004 David switched from film to digital and began working with models in his studio, using mirrors and silver body paint to get complex and abstract figurative works. One of the things he enjoyed about working with mirrors was that it gave his models the opportunity to pose with themselves in the same photo. Taking off on this idea, David began experimenting with multiple-exposure photographs: first with two overlapping positive images, then combining a positive image with a silhouette, and most recently his double-silhouettes. David’s work has been displayed at shows around New England as well as the Midwest and South America. He has twice been awarded “Best in show”, and 4 times received “Judges pick”. He has also received two fellowships to the MacDowell artist colony and grants from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts and Pew Charitable Trust.